Every bag saves

16 gallons

of water

Each bag of Kazoo Tortilla Chips is made using 40% upcycled corn germ. This reduces our water footprint by at least 16 gallons per 11oz bag (compared to 100% new growth corn), without compromising on taste. And that’s awesome, because sustainable food should taste great too.

Mouth-watering without all the water

The agriculture industry uses massive amounts of water each year, but not all the food produced goes to feed people and that’s wasteful. With corn, we’re working to ensure all that’s harvested for food ends up feeding people – that’s why we started Kazoo. We are a delicious snack food company that believes in taste without all the waste.

2,500,000 Gallons Saved
1 Billion Gallon Goal

We get more
out of corn

We learned how to get more out of harvested corn and it’s saving water like crazy. Our proprietary manufacturing process allows us to upcycle corn-germ that would have otherwise gone to animal feed. By getting more out of each harvest, we use less corn overall to make our tortilla chips.

Two chips with toppings


Our corn-germ is from mostly generational farms in Iowa


Our proprietary manufacturing process combines the corn-germ and whole corn into a tortilla chip 


Our team continues to craft great-tasting, water saving snacks for you to enjoy 

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