How do you calculate your water savings?

40% of the corn content in our chip is upcycled corn-germ. By using this upcycled corn-germ instead of 100% new growth corn, we save water by reducing our water footprint. This includes water that is supplied by nature as rain or added by people during the growing and production process. 

Are you non-GMO/Organic? 

Not yet. Since we rescue and upcycle corn-germ from the mainstream corn starch industry, we get whatever they use, which is typically regular corn.  As they shift to organic and non-GMO corn, we’ll shift as well.  Also, since we managed to get so much upcycled germ into our tortilla chips, we can’t even meet the threshold for claiming partial levels of organic or non-GMO with the whole corn we use.

What else are you doing to support sustainability? 

We are working with Carbon Fund.org and offsetting our e-commerce emissions. 

Are your snacks gluten-free?

Yes, all our snacks are gluten-free. 

Where can I find your products? 

Our products are available in select local and online retailers. Check out the “Where to buy” page or contact us and leave us your area code. 

Are your snacks kosher? 

Yes, all our snacks are kosher.  

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